Where to buy Korean Beauty and skincare In India at low prices with free shipping ?| Daisy Skin Fix

Hi guysss !

It’s beeen a while. If you have been reading my posts, thank you so much for stopping by am super grateful. 🙆🏻‍♀️

Today I am gonna review a k-beauty website based in Aizawl, Mizoram (India) that has some really great and popular Korean Beauty Brands priced at a super affordable price and that is not just the part they also provide Free shipping !

Yaaas Girllll, you not only don’t have to worry about Customs anymore but you also get Free shipping. ✨

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Two k-beauty must Tries for Oily & Acne prone skin !

Hi Guys !

It’s been a while, I have been trying to squeeze everything into schedule as much as possible and trying to work things out with my University Exams starting soon ! I just cannot express the stress right now but let’s cut it out because I have been wanting to post about these two fantastic miraculous products by Leegeehaam that have helped my oil spill of a skin in the last few weeks !

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Colourpop Haul and Swatches and dupe + Shipping Info

Hey boo,

Lez just start with today’s post because this one is gonna be a long long one. This isn’t a recent haul. I placed this order months ago when Colourpop did their first ever free shipping promo  and ever since then I had been planning to post this post but I never did..

Colourpop makeup is a Cult favourite like seriously talk bad about colourpop and people WILL come at you (don’t ask me how I know that, I just do). I mean I do really like Colourpop as a brand and I do like some of their formulas. We’ll talk about each as we go. But before that I’d like to discuss the shipping and everything.


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SkinCare for teens in India : Fixdermateen

As I was sitting on my bed with my phone in my hand and realising certain things. I realised that I haven’t put up a post since ages and I had to start jotting and writing the moment I thought about the lil tube of hand cream sample that has been my ultimate favourite for months now and I haven’t even run out of it yet !

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 How to get Korean Skincare/Beauty Products in India ! : YESTYLEBEAUTYBOX

Hey guy’s!!

It’s been a while ! 🙂

Before starting with this post can we take a moment and appreciate korean beauty products. Like for real, Koreans definitely know their game. Some of the best Hi-tech skin care comes from Korea! Also let’s not forget about those peel of lip tints that took the world by rage !!

If you have ever wanted to try Korean beauty products but haven’t gotten a chance to because you can not find them anywhere locally especially in India.

✨Well, there’s no need to worry anymore! ✨

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It’s a REVIEW : Edible Choco Chip Cookies 🍪Lipscrub by SkinCafe

Hello ! Guys, How have you been ?

2016 was literally the year of the “lips”. I collected over 30+ lippies. There were a lot of new lip launches from many many brands. And honestly it was kind of hard to resist (sorry not sorry).  And ofcourse this is common knowledge now that for the “perfect lip” you need to have a perfect “Canvas”. And for the “Perfect Canvas” you need to follow these two Steps:

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The Nature’s Co Eucalyptus- Basil Bath Oil.

I know the wedding season has already started and also is about to end 😅 Well 2016 is over too…I had planned to post this review wayyy back but I guess this is the perfect time because we all are battling dry skin and dull skin and allergies  😬 So here’s a fabulous bath oil to help you tackle all those problems this winter ❄️.

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Diy: Moisturising Lip Plumping stain for the winters. ❄️ 

As I sit here being a potato I realised I have been gone since looong…like literally foreverr. After a little push of motivation here I am putting this up. I have a lot of reviews coming up y’all but here’s a small Diy to make up !

Disclaimer: I did not discover the staining properties of pomegranate the Ancient Egyptians did 😛 so it’s probably allover the internet. Also am not putting this up for the sake of putting up a post but because I actually wanted to share this improvised version..and my method.

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Vedic Collection Tatha BB cream:Review

Hi guy’s !

Today, Is another  review day ! Yay ! And it’s of something that was send to me for review purpose but I absolutely love it , and use it everyday!

  • #1 because it’s a BB cream 
  • #2 because it’s awesome ! 
  • #3 Has no Chemicals and things you don’t want in your makeup. 

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Best Affordable Organic Activated Charcoal Soap in India ! Alanna Naturally Beautiful Review. 

Hi Guy’s!

Hope you guy’s are doing greatt ! Just returned  home from a mini Vacation more like work-a-tion. I had been to Kerala for my Grandpa’s One year death aniversarry anyways coming back to today’s post !

Firstly, I would like to Thank Rashi,The founder of Alanna Naturals ! For acknowledging my blog and sending her super adorable and very effective handcrafted products to me. To know that she put in efforts to make these make’s me so happy and I appreciate it so muchh !

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Organistick Review: Organic Chemical Free Lipstick in India ?

Hey guys !!

I have been a pro at procrastinating lately. So let’s just start with today’s post but before that I need to tell you that I have super interesting hauls cominnng up soon so subscribe ✨

So today we are gonna talk about this brand called Organistick that claims that their lipsticks are harmless and are created to rather heal your lips. They also claim that their lipsticks last for 7 hours, which is complete BS couldn’t keep this  for the last. 

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