Its a ReView : Elle 18 matte Lipstick (colourpop lippistix dupe)

Hey guy’s I know by now you must have already read a million reviews on the Elle 18 Matte lipsticks that launched in  November of last year . But here’s my take on the lipstick and ways to make it last longer & even matte than it appears so let’s begin ! (Nah! We ain’t talking about the translucent powder trick here honey,keep reading)


The packaging is the standard Elle 18  black plastic packaging with a different graphic girl, the matte one has a flat top where as the other lipsticks have a domed top.

The 💄 has the name printed on a sticker stuck to the bottom of the lipstick bullet.

The packaging is similar to the other Elle 18 lipsticks and hence doesn’t feel foolproof and can come undone in your bag.

Actual product:

These lipsticks do not have the moisturising core(obviously because these are supposed to be matte) unlike their other lipstick range. 

The texture of the lipstick is super smooth and goes on perfectly. These lipsticks are not super matte nor super creamy but rather they have a cream matte finish. They don’t set matte completely and do not dry out the lips either ! Since these are creamy matte these are not drying at all and also do transfer. 

These lipsticks aren’t super matte,rather creamy mattes !

Extremely comfortable to wear,for people with extremely dry lips these lipsticks are super nice since they last for a decent time and also aren’t very creamy. 

I only got one of these because I knew I wouldn’t be really getting much use out it because am a matte lipstick kind of gyal. 🙆🏻 

The colour that appealed most to me is called Choco Bite. It’s a beautiful Red-brown. It looks extremely pretty on the lips and is an universally flattering shade that would suit all skin tones, especially women with duskier complexion would love this because it’s a beautiful brown with hints of red. 

(The lipstick is swatched twice on the lips 👄 in tge picture) 

These lipsticks are packed with pigment and super opaque & not patchy at all. A single swipe on my lips and it appears as a beautiful MLBB shade. I love blotting it on, on days when I don’t want much colour on my lips. 

You can build on the colour by applying a little bit pressure or going over two times but doing so can make the lippie appear much more creamy than matte. I’d recommend handling the lipstick much more carefully since  it’s has a very soft texture and can break easily. 

Tip: If the lipstick breaks apart, it’s probably because of melting stick it on back if the bullet is soft and refrigerate. 

These lipsticks stay on for 4-5 hours depending on what You eat & drink. Leaves a slight stain behind. I usually like applying the lipstick and then blotting it and repeating this at least 3-4 times, this actually makes the lipstick last longer and appear a bit more matte but still comfortable on the lips! 

✨These lipsticks do not bleed or get allover the place unless you are eating  like other creamy lipsticks which makes it great  if you aren’t into super creamy lipsticks on days when you need to take a break from matte lipsticks ! 

Super Secretive Tip : I actually pop this lippie into the Fridge a  night before application, this helps solidifying the lipstick and the lipstick appears matte than it actually does and even lasts longer (without eating or drinking) !

To be super honest I did not think I’d really like this lipstick as much as I do (it definetly has to be the shade, am super into ) since I had already read reviews saying that these aren’t matte but for a 100 matte lipstick these perform very well ! Elle 18 was one of the first brands I ever used as a college going student and I still own the lipstick I had 3 years back and I loved it & wore it everyday ! 

If you are a student rolling on a budget, wouldn’t mind using a few simple tricks to make the lipstick last longer or even re-applying. Elle 18 lippies are definetly a must try (especially this one )! Elle 18 as a brand is definetly a staple for college going students  now ! They offer a huge colour selection as well so you could get double the lipsticks at the price of 1 !


10/5 !!

Everything about this lipstick at the price it is offered at is great ! You cannot beat an Elle 18 lippie for ₹ 100  !

Eventhough I was quite unhappy with the fact that these were marketed as Matte Lipsticks in the begining (one of the main reasons I got only one shade to try and review) but considering other brands that have recently introduced matte lipsticks THAT AREN”T MATTE at least they are selling it for an extremely affordable price.



So here’s what you’ve been waiting for. 

So recently I realised that this shade “Choco Bite” is actually pretty close to ColourPop’s Grunge Lipistix !

Both the shade have similar tones to them,and look very close on the lips. The Elle 18 one is actually a tiny bit darker and has a red tint to it than Grunge which is more on the warm brown side but if you blot on Choco Bite without much preasure it’s quite hard to actually tell them apart. Other than that the shades the finishes are quite different as well but not very different since the colourpop lippies aren’t completely matte either !

Here, I have blotted on Choco bite on my bottom lips rather than doin a full swipe of pigement ! Am pretty sure you wouldn’t be able to tell the colours apart if I wouldn’t have told you ! 
 (Please note that I have blotted on the Elle 18 lippie to make it seem much lighter).


I also have another review planned for a  Grunge dupe, that is much closer to this one coming soon from an Organic Lipstick Brand so make sure you are following me so you get notified !

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Thanks for keeping up till the end ! 

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