Herbboutique 🌿 Review: Vegan & Organic Products at it’s best!!

Hey guy’s,

It’s been a while. But here’s a review of an organic brand that will totally entice you in. Herbboutique is one of the few brands that have vegan options  to choose from in India.

πŸ“ Note: I am super grateful that Herbboutique send me these cute lil goodies to try out and review. The review is not influenced in anyway and totally my opinion on how I feel about the products overall. 

🌿 Most products available at Herbboutique  are  vegan or vegetarian  ! 🌿

They send me a couple of items which includes their 🍊Citrus & Coconut Bar Soap 🍊 Lovely Sweet Orange Body Polish 🍊 🌿 A bath salt that came destroyed ☹️🌿  πŸ« Chocolate Berry Bloom Tea 🍫 🌿 Spiced Olive Oil🌿 

Everything came packaged in this cute mint green box with a note as well. Opening the package was so fun with all the hay (I guess that’s what it is).

They also included a cute lil wooden spoon πŸ₯„ & a white towel with their brand logo on it. 

So lez start with the  πŸŠ Range

🍊Sweet Orange Body Polish🍊

The body polish comes packaged in a glass jar with a screw on lid. The packaging feels heavy and luxurious. It definitely feels and looks cute and super along with your other skincare items. 

The body polish is a super super vibrant and poppy orange it’s super alluring and smells really delicious !!

Talking about the polish if you notice the ingredients the polish mainly consists of raw sugar on opening the jar you can see some oils, the oil seemed to have separated from the sugar and that’s when the wooden spatula comes to good use ! I mixed it well and it smelled amazing! 

 I am particularly not a big fan of anything artificial orange scented and artificial orange flavoured those orange cream biscuits gave me nightmares as a kid But am a huge fan of oranges 🍊 as a fruit and this one smelled reallly good and just like real Oranges 🍊 ! So good that I actually dipped my finger and licked some lol (haha) I don’t know πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ what is up with me anything that looks smells and sounds edible I Try to EAT IT ! nonetheless it tasted just like very sweeet orange juice. I could not sense any sugar when I tried it but as I rubbed it on to the skin I could feel the sugar granules and them dissolving into the skin. The sugar crystals are very fine hence not rough on the skin but the polish has a fairly good texture to circulate some life into your skin at the same time. 

My skin post bath felt smooth and firmer than before. It didn’t particularly smell like anything except the soap I used. I am not evenly toned on my hands but I could see a bit of difference in how my skin looked compared to before. I wish I could have taken a photo,but I am my very own photographer so.. πŸ˜…πŸ˜­





Most products from the Herbboutique 🌿 are priced a little higher than the products you get but I think it’s definitely more of a splurge and treat yourself or your loved one kind of a brand. Considering the fact that most products are vegan I don’t mind paying the extra if I get a something that works as well as does justice to the brands idea.

I personally think it’s a special treat kind of product just like I mentioned earlier it definetly feels  worth the splurge so if you don’t mind spending a little extra or have been looking for vegan skincare products  here’s a link to  purchase >> 🍊Zesty Sweet Orange Body Polish🍊

You also get a lot of product in the jar so this could last you an eternity, I think this would be a perfect gift for your mom since it reminds me of my mom, it’s sweet and bright just like my ma  πŸ™†πŸ»πŸ’œ

🍊Citrus & Coconut Bar Soap 🌴 

This how the soap bar looked like. 

It came completely sealed in a plastic and had a sticker on it. The soap is basically a very light orange transparent soap. 

Again  this soap,  doesn’t smell like those artificial orange  scent 🍊  this smells a little bit tame & natural rather than that very strong artificial scent (I HATE ARTIFICIAL ORANGE FLAVOURED/SCENTED THINGS)
The soap has a soft coconut oil scent as well. I expected it to lather but it doesn’t lather like the other commercial soaps which I think is great for shaving since bar soaps can clog up your razor literally making it useless after 2 times of use ! Also as you lather you’ll notice that it leaves the coconut oil + fresh feeling smell on the skin rather than the orange scent which I am glad that didn’t have a strong orange fragrance. It definitely works pretty great along with the Sweet 🍊 body polish leaving the skin extra smooth and plush feeling. 

Honestly I think you should definitely give this combo a try if you have a special occasion coming up !!

Since it’s a transparent bar I also expected it to dissolve & finish sooner but! Since it does not foam as much as the other bars it does last you long long time ! I still have some left and I got it like months ago ! A small piece could last you 5 days. My first piece lasted me like 4 days because I was trying to foam it πŸ˜‚


β‚Ή300 for 100gms



-.5 for the price 

The thing that this soap makes it so so super easy to shave just makes my heart happy because a clogged razor is something you’d like to stay away from ! 

The price is definitely steep but if you are looking for a soap to ease the shaving routine you should definitely give it a try since I still have a piece left and I have had it for months now ! 

Oh also this soap bar is extremely mild on the skin and did not trigger my allergies which is amazing !!

 Lez talk about the

 πŸ’ Chocolate Berry Bloom β˜•οΈ πŸ’

The packaging is super cute on this one. The packaging is literally what makes literally everything gift goals from herbboutique 🎁 

It comes packaged in a testtube glass  packaging. It came totally wrapped in plastic as well so the that Tea doesn’t come undone in transit and stays super air tight as well the cork on this one is super tight fiting and sturdy as well. 

On a closer look there’s actually chunks of strawberry πŸ“  cinnamon,cocoa 🍫 and vanilla. The tea mix smells deliciously like chocolate and vanilla. The vanilla scent is definitely there than any other. 

I usually do not like milk tea so I don’t really mix milk in with this but at a times I do because it tastes amazing and while you sip on the tea the vanilla scent just  allures you more. 

The tea definitely has more of a chocolate vanilla-ish taste you can definitely taste the berry as you bite into it. The cinnamon isn’t there much but the Chocolate and Vanilla just make up for it. 

The tea mix that includes the berry bits looks something like this after brewing I only take a little and don’t add sugar because I really like how it tastes without sugar just on it’s own. 

In all I think the mix is a genius one. Again a great gifting option for anyone that enjoys tea. 





At this point I don’t even care about the price I can’t wait to repurchase once I run out of the mix and honestly I still have a lot left. 

Now lastly we are gonna discuss the spiced Olive Oil since the bath salt couldn’t be saved from the disaster.

🌿 Spiced Olive Oil🌿

The oil comes packaged very well in a pretty glass jar with a cork it came with plastic tightly secured around so that the oil doesn’t leak. 

The oil is spiced with Star Anise, Bay leaf  & black pepper. You can see the anise inside the bottle. 

The oil has a distinctive spiced taste of bay leaf and the sweetness of the anise that enhances the flavour when drizzled over salads or pasta. 

The aroma that fills in the room while you sautΓ© mushrooms and garlic in the oil is mesmerising enough to make you drizzle more. Considering it isn’t as unhealthy I did go overboard πŸ™†πŸ». 

Also the the little bottle looks super cute on the shelf !!

Here’s a picture of the pasta I made. 





Am not even gonna talk about the price anymore. I think it’s a cute item to add into a gift basket for any one who loves to cook !

Over all I think Herbboutique 🌿 does a great job at creating a special impact when you purchase or receive an item. The prices are definitely on a higher side but they don’t compromise with any factor so I guess it’s a fair deal when they are trying to be eco friendly, vegan & vegetarian friendly all at the same time. 

That’s it guys, Thank you so much for clicking on this.  I am planning to post my last colourpop haul and discuss everything related to that. Make sure you guy’s are subscribed incase you’d like to be notified when I post the haul πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “Herbboutique 🌿 Review: Vegan & Organic Products at it’s best!!

  1. Abhi says:

    Hmmm pasta looking delicious πŸ˜šπŸ‘Œ n the potography of urs md it look double super delicious hope it taste the same way as it looks πŸ˜› n by d way u doing grt wid ur post n reviews i liked it πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ cheers hv a grt one 😎✌

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  2. forgivingjournal says:

    Oh Meg, I love your review!! I’m an organics girl, so this particularly spoke to me. Keep going with your blog, it’s great. And if you ever want to contribute a post for Forgiving Fridays, you are so welcome. It’s a new blog post I do each Friday with an invitation to share what inspires you to forgive – and it’s fine to be creative!

    (Just include #ForgivingFridays in your post & a pingback to my most recent Forgiving Fridays. Here’s the link: https://forgivingconnects.com/2017/05/12/todays-forgiving-fridays-an-honest-look-at-myself/)

    Have a great week Meg! ❀ Good to connect.
    Love and blessings, Debbie

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      • forgivingjournal says:

        Oh Meg, trust yourself! Be gentle with yourself! You are brightening my day whenever you decide to post!

        By the way, I do complimentary coaching sessions for folks who I see have an openness like you do. I am happy to do one with you if you like! It’s a way to practice forgiveness and be good to yourself. And if not, completely cool – my heart called me to invite you so I follow that.

        Sending you love and blessings, Meg! Have a great week — Debbie

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