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Hey guy’s

It’s been quite some while ! So today I’ll be unboxing my Yestyle beauty box that was stuck at the post office  and  that I had no hopes of receiving.

This box was the Spring edition that has  makeup, this time around !

This isn’t the first time am unboxing Yesstyle beauty box to know more information regarding the services and prices checkout my last unboxing here>>How to get K-beauty products in India
Before starting I’d like to give you a small Idea about the box. So the box includes 5 full sized products and 5 sample sized one’s at ₹2600 which is complete value for money. They also provide Free shipping if u spend around ₹2500 so it’s a double win 🙆🏻.

So without muchh wait let’s start.

Of course the goodies came packaged in the same cute lil box like the previous one. It includes a small booklet that has the products mentioned and all the steps and info mentioned.

So the Sweet spring makeup kit includes 5 full size makeup products and 4 samples.

I haven’t actually used most of the samples this time around because they come packaged in a one-time use sachet and isn’t enough to test it out.

So the first sample in the box is the Pink Vital Water 💦 Trial Kit by etude house. 

This kit includes three individual sachet of Facial toner, serum & emulsion. 

The sachets contain enough to be used at least twice  if used sparingly and emptied into a container. 

The toner has a runny-gel like consitency and smells quite fresh. The serum and emulsion both are a white in colour but once you start rubbing it into your skin it looks more like water !! 

It’s quite hard to judge the product by the sample size provided but the first time I used these they left my skin feeling super soft ! Which was quite surprising. 

Also the actual product packaging is super adorable. Etude House does the cutest packing!! 

The only thing that disappoints me is the price but das because yo gyal is always broke. 🤦🏻‍♀️ 

Buy the toner here > Toner at 9% off

Serum >> Buy Serum at 9% off

Emulsion >> Buy Emulsion at 9% off


Pink Vital Serum 80 ml retails for ₹1461.  

The Toner retails for ₹1653 for 180 ml

And the emulsion Retails for ₹1653 for 180 ml as well



Considering the result within the first use am extremely excited and might place an order once o#YESSTYLE (clickable link) runs a sale ! 

The next lil sample is the Low Ph Good morning Gel cleanser. 

Cosrx is an impressive skincare brand that specially formulates skincare for Acne-prone skin. Their acne patches are amazing and I love them and swear by them. 

(Check out my previous post, linked in the beginning to know how they perform) 

This cleanser is supposed to be used in the morning to balance the skin’s Ph level. I haven’t actually used it yet. And I am not sure if it would mean anything to test out this tiny sample so I have it stored for travel time ! But am pretty sure it won’t fail since it’s by Cosrx. 

Check it out here >> Most Popular item >> Cosrx Gel Cleanser


It retails for ₹915 for 150 ml. 


This cleanser has a customer satisfaction level of 98% and also happens to be one of the most popular items sold at Yesstyle.com which says a lot. 

Then we have the Thank you Farmer -Sun Project Sun Essence + Be Beautiful BB cream & CC cream Trial Set. 

This set includes a Spf 50 shimmery sunscreen that literally has tiny specks of glitter. And a SPF 30 BB & CC cream with tiny specks of glitter in them aswell. The BB cream is wayy light for me and the CC cream is a shade or two light. I did make it work by mixing both of them together and it lasted the entire day and gave a beautiful dewy sheen !the tints are way lighter for me. If you are lighter than me this could work out for you. This also lasts the whole day ! 


Both the CC & BB cream retail for ₹1907. 


I would give it a 4/5 for the texture, finish and longevity. 

Then we have the RiRe – Luxe Dual Stick #2 Shadow + Blusher. 

This is the first full size product in the box. If you want to stay updated with the latest Korean makeup trends and colours this is all you need since it had two popularly used colours in Korea ! This dual colored stick is super easy and efficient to carry and use. It has a peach 🍑 and pink side which can be used as a blush as well as on the eyes. I have also used this on my lips to create soft gradient lips ! I have a post coming up soon on How Gradient lips ! Keep an eye out for that & Subscribe with your emails to be notified. 💜 

The product is sufficiently pigmented and has a beautiful texture and blends easily both on the cheeks and lids. It also has a beautiful sheen to it and looks super natural and is perfect for the everyday dewy look ! It gives the most beautifully natural & glowy look when used ! 

This also happens to be one of the most popular items on #YESSTYLE !


This dual sick retails for ₹631 which is a great price for such a great product.  ✨

They also have a highlighter and Bronzing stick ! 


5/5 !!

Buy This here on a 9.9% off

Next we have, MCC – Accent Waterproof Eyeliner in #1 Accent Black 

Nextly we have a twist up eyeliner,which also includes a sharpener. The eyeliner is extremely long lasting and is supposed to be only used on the lids !

 Guy’s alwaysss read instructions!! They box clearly say’s that it shouldn’t be used on the water line ! 

 Well the eyeliner  isn’t as creamy as I’d like and drags on the lid. So guess what I use it for ? For my brows ! Yes since it isn’t creamy and holds extremely well and has a sharpener it acts as a perfect natural brow pencil. I fill my bald spots and then with a spoolie brush it in ! And the eyebrows hold the entire day and also come’s off easily with my cleanser. 




As an Eyeliner I’ll only rate it a 2.5/5. Since I do not reach for it at all.

5/5 as an eyebrow pencil.

Get the eyeliner for your brows heree !
For the price it retails for you can not really complain ! I absolutely love this is as an eyebrow pencil and since a little goes a long way I definitely won’t be needing a new one any soon ! Alsp the sharpener just make’s it a complete value 

Then we have the A’PIEU – My Little Mascara in the High Curling Variant. 

The mascara is literally what it is named. It’s a little mascara that has a curling wand and curls the lashes pretty well. It also lengthens while curling hence giving a beautiful and fluttery look. The packaging is super adorable and extremely convenient to store and carry. 

The mascara isn’t waterproof but yet doesn’t run down that easily and lasts pretty long. But  I wouldn’t suggest wearing it out in rain though. 

Since I am particularly not a fan of waterproof mascaras. I reach out the most for this lil guy on days when am sure I won’t be out in the rain !

I would highly highly recommend this lil guy !!

They also have a VolumiSing Variant which am eager to try. 


This guy reatils for ₹347. 


For the price it retails for while being so amazing I’d give it a 5/5  Get it here on a 9.9% off

Then we have the Berrisom- Oops Dual Contouring. 

Before even talking about the product I need to appreciate Berrisom as a brand. Berrisom has the cutest packaging and does some crazy products that work ! Remember those peeling lip tints yes Berrisom did them first ! 

Now talking about the Dual Contouring stick. 

The contouring products are actually creamy & liquidy in formulations. We have a highlight with tiny specks of glitter in it and a shading colour. Let’s not forget that these products are actually formulated keeping Korean skin-tones in mind. So these shades would definitely not work for us. The highlight is tooo light for me and the contour too. If you are fair skintoned this could be the perfect everyday contour product since the contour shade has the perfect amount of grey in it to be a great contour shade if you are fair skin toned.  

Other than that the formula is quite blendable and has good coverage. I actually use the shading shade to cover-highlight underneath my eyes that’s how close it is to my skintone!!




A definite buy for extremely light babes because this would not make you look muddy or ashy and go extremely well !! 

Check it out here at a 10% 

Then we have the RiRe – Lip Manicure Rouge Highfix. 

Okay so now with this product, you must be already familiar with the packaging this brand was allover the internet. Remember those Korean powder lipsticks!! Well Turns out this lipstick isn’t that one ! They have two variants to this one. I was super excited when I saw this but the moment I opened the packaging I noticed it was a liquid formula and not powder.  Me being a dumbhead I even Refrigerated it because I thought the powder must have melted in transit 🤦🏻‍♀️. Yes ! 

Until I checked their website and figured out that it’s two different formulations !

So Yes this guy is the liquid Variant in the shade Brick Red. This shade is one of their new launches. These RiRe lippies are super popular in Korea and is also One of the most popular on the website. The Shade is a beautiful warm Orange toned Red that would suit all most all skin tones ! It’s a perfect poppy red-orange for a gradient lip that’s wearable.

The formula is quite liquidy and is super long lasting. It can even stand mildy oily food and is extremely waterproof! It isn’t extremely drying but just like any liquid lipstick it does feel drying after a while.  It’s super pigmented yet can be a little patchy and you might need two coats to  build up the colour more coats than two can feel & look a bit uncomfortable later on as the day progresses. 


It retails for ₹560 



It’s a great and affordable option for a liquid lipstick if you would be interested. 

You can skip this one if you have anything similar but if you want it for the packaging I’d definitely recommend trying the powder ones though since they are definitely more interesting!!

Get it here on a 9.9% off

Check out the Powder Variant here

So the last product we have is a sample from Heimish it’s a sample sized All Clean Balm. 

I haven’t used it yet because of the packaging. But I have read some amazing reviews about this guy. This also happens to be a Most popular item on the website and is right now on a 59% off. So if you’d be interested you can check it out here. 

Get The all Clean Balm on a 60% off

None of the links are affiliated. 🙂

That’s it guys ! If there’s anything more you’d like to know please let me know in the comments 🙂

Get the entire Sweet Spring Makeup Box here 🙂

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