Organistick Review: Organic Chemical Free Lipstick in India ?

Hey guys !!

I have been a pro at procrastinating lately. So let’s just start with today’s post but before that I need to tell you that I have super interesting hauls cominnng up soon so subscribe ✨

So today we are gonna talk about this brand called Organistick that claims that their lipsticks are harmless and are created to rather heal your lips. They also claim that their lipsticks last for 7 hours, which is complete BS couldn’t keep this  for the last. 

Ever since I saw this brand on Instagram I had been wanting to try these since am a huge lipstick hoarder  and I was absolutely fascinated by their shade range.

So this one fine day I came across this brand at a local beauty supply store and I had to get these. They had some beautiful shades and I picked up two.

Okay before starting I’d like to start by mentioning that I would not recommend buying these lipsticks online because the ones I got expired in April and I had bought this in January. Inspite of me physically buying it I couldn’t check up the dates because they didn’t have it printed on the carton and the sales representative literally just showed me just the packet for a second so that I know that am gettin new lipsticks. Soo Makesure to check up on the bullets.

P.S  This review is not upto  mark because the lipstick wasn’t upto its quality either. 

Now let’s actually start the review.

The lipstick come’s packaged in a very standard black uni-carton with the details printed on them except the freaking EXPIRY DATE. I mean whyy ?? But passing on that fact the lipsticks retails for ₹149 for 4gms of product.

The packaging is quite pretty yet simple. Comes packaged in a silver bullet packaging with plastic around it. And a plastic see through top which isn’t that helpful but yes it quite does the work.

Here’s the two shades I picked

Just like I mentioned before these lipsticks come in beautiful shades  like stunningly beautiful shades. I have never seen such gorgeous shades  in the drugstore especially at this price.
I need to start with this beautiful shade that is 23 it’s  a beautiful cool toned grey-brown with a hint of subtle purple in it . Also I think this could be a very close dupe to MAC’s Stone.

The next one is 12 This is a gorgeous MLBB pink-brown with red tones. A definite definite must have if you have been wanting to try a MLLB lip shade.

On the lip it literally also looks like an exact dupe of colourpop Grunge ! 

Both of these lip colours are universally faltering and would cater to almost all skin tones !

The mix of both these shades give a rather beautiful combination!

Now talking about how the lipstick actually performs and the ingredient list.

Ingredient list:

Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Shea butter, Carnauba Wax, Beeswax, Natural Iron Oxides, FD&C Colour, Titanium diOxides.

The lipstick formula is quite average. Because it actually started breaking down way before the expiry date. I have had lipsticks that performed well even after expiration way back.

The pink brown has a gritty texture. You could feel them on the lips. The pigmentation is beautiful and consistent though. These have a creamy finish. And last quite as long as 4-5 hours if you don’t eat or drink. I am quite impressed with the formula expect for the fact that the pink brown felt weird on the lips. And that disappointed me terribly because I was super excited to try this.

23 happens to be supper stunning shade. Extremely unique and quite a hard find in the drugstore price. It could also be a pretty pretty close dupe to Mac’s Stone. The only difference  it’s bit more on wearable and brown.

Pic credit: Arshia Moorjani Trying 48 Mac lipstick video

Here’s my failed attempt to be a Instagram model 🤦🏻‍♀️

It’s much more darker and grey than it looks here.

It has the perfect amount of grey and browns that it even works as a contour for me !

If you spot 23 you better snatch it !

Here’s a swatch of both the shades

Left : 23 & 12

That is all I have to share with you guys today. I had  been postponing this one because I wasn’t sure if I should write about these since the lipstick has expired but I thought I had to since the shades I picked happened to be dupes to two extremely popular lippies. I’d highly recommend these, the shade range is a definite hit !
P.S The grey  be used a contour on medium-tan skintone ! ☺️ You read it hereee :).

Ratings: 3/5

+1 for the shadesss !

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