Where To Buy Korean Beauty In India: StyleKorean.com

Hey Guyss,

It’s been crazyyy long since I have had a post up. I had been totally caught up with my university exams.

Today’s post issssaa K-Beauty Haul.

Post in collaboration with StyleKorean

Products were send to me for review, Not biased in any form. Anything and everything written is truly my sole opinion.

It’s been ridiculously long since I have had this post up in my drafts but all is well because I can finally give u a 1000% accurate review of everything I got.

Before starting the haul post I’d like to discuss a few things about StyleKorean(clickable link). StyleKorean is an e-commerce website mainly based in korea that has absolutely affordable listings compared to many websites.

The best thing other than affordable pricing is their time to time sales and offers that include free giftson purchase.

Register now to get an exclusive coupon for a 5% off on your first purchase with no minimum purchase price. Also get notifications about offers send straight to your mail box >> Register here

The website has a very easy to use interface with a must try’s and editors pick sections on the front page itself making it super easy to navigate and choose.

Now coming to the most important part that everyone wants to know about,

They offer to ship out to India by three services,

  • Korea post, being the cheapest and most time consuming, starts at $10 including tracked shipping for 0.50 kg
  • EMS, fast and moderately priced at $16.45 for 0.50 kg
  • DHL, $25.25 for 0.50kg

P.S shipping is calculated considering the final weight of the package and method.

Now coming to another part that is crucial for international shoppers that is customs. It’s pretty rare that I have never been charged. StyleKorean definitely does their part by avoiding bulky packaging. Also since their customer service is absolutely patient and informed they might also quote your package for less if written to them.

The shipping for my package was absolutely fast they do their best to ship out packages super soon. One of my acquaintances has had their package shipped out in 24hrs on request which I think is outstanding customer service. I received my package within a week of shipping and here’s everything I chose.

Lez start,

So since I’m always out looking for dupes of popular make up products since a gyal is broke, I came cross this No-Sebum Blur Primer buy Innisfree. This lil guy is compared to the Benefit cosmetics PoreFessional primer.

The primer comes packed in a matte unicarton with details regarding the product and how to use it. The instructions are absolutely clear and also warns that the product might lump up if not applied little at a time since it sets super fast !

The actual product is packaged in a tube style packaging with a very narrow pointy tip nozzle which is pretty convenient for application.

The actual primer is a tinted primer hence compared to the porefessional by Benefit. It has extremely smooth consistency that is matte and super long lasting as well. The primer doesn’t do much blurring but it definitely smoothens out the canvas leaving baby soft skin behind.

Also this is exceptionally great for oily and combination skin because it’s from the Popular no-sebum range.

The product contains Mint and Jeju extracts that keep the skin healthy and smoother for a long time. I pretty much use this just by itself sometimes if I need a matte look since am super oily because it’s works wonderful over a moisturiser to maintain the balance. It’s a really interesting product that goes on super smooth and leaves a super smooth canvas that lasts pretty much until am ready to take my makeup off.

The product also does brighten a bit since it’s tinted. I have personally never used the Porefessional but I think this would be a good alternative at an affordable price for oily skin.

The only con is it might enhance texture on dry skin since it’s formulated to keep sebum at bay.

Ratings: 6/5

1000% would recommend for oily skin, since it can be used just as skincare and not particularly under makeup it’s definitely a must try if you have oily skin !


Link to buy >> (can’t find on the website anymore)

The Second thing that I got is again from Innisfree’s same range of no sebum is their mineral powder. One of the cult favourites of all time and something I have been eyeing for the longest.

I’d like to start of my saying This lil tub is pretty small, like really small. It came sealed as it is without any outer package.

The tub is lil twist up one with a soft lil powder puff that works pretty well. The actual product is a translucent matte setting powder that’s supposed to keep oil at bay. I would highly highly recommend this if your are excessively oily. You get 100gm of product for $8.41, which is an okay price considering the quantity and the quality since a little goes a long way. The best time to get every worth of your penny is buying it on discount!

It’s a finely milled powder that is super smooth and performs great as a baking powder,setting powder or generally as a touch up powder. And since it’s small it’s extremely convenient to carry around,even though I’d recommend to carry it with its puff inside otherwise the powder seeps out of the tiny opening and fills on the top. Even though it’s supposed to be translucent it does have a little bit of a flash back and wouldn’t look great on darker skintone if packed excessively other than it’s a great setting/translucent powder for oily skin tone. A light dusting with a fluffy brush is enough to control oil for upto 4 hours. You might need to touch up depending on your skins oil production.

Ratings: 5/5

It’s definitely a great loose setting powder for oily skin. Would highly recommend if you want to try a Korean powder or just a translucent powder that performs well for oily skin.

Price: $8.41 for 100gm

Check the mineral powder out here

I also got this Heimish Ruby cell puffs,

These are definitely a must have if you are someone that uses a lot of base products or someone that has to do a lot of touchups. I got these for touchups and also to dab the oil off of my face when I have a full face of makeup on. These are absolutely a must have if you are someone that specialises in makeovers.

Since these are cushion foundation puffs and I didn’t really own and cushions when I received this package back in July I have tried to apply my regular bb creams and foundation with this puff and it does work well but also does soak up a lott of product since they are designed for cushions.

The coverage with these puffs are super natural and very minimal. It does give a really stunning finish though!

It’s also super easy to clean and supposedly also made up of anti-bacterial material.

Would Highly recommend if you love trying out new tools for your base.

Ratings: 4.5/5

-.5 because it soaks a lot of product

Price: Around $4 couldn’t find it on the website anymore.

The next couple of things are absolutely cute. Like so freaking cute. 💕

Lez start with a product that was allover the world wide web.

Hell Pore clean up Mask by ElizaveccaFirst I’d like to take a moment to appreciate the package designing. Like the design is so freaking genius. There’s a piggy pouring the mask over tiny blackheads that look like they are done !



Its a squeeze tube packaging.





PS. The product is super liquidy and runny and hence I’d advise you to store it in a upright position with the top facing upwards
It doesn’t smell that great but it’s pretty manageable. Its super easy to apply even though it does create a bit of a mess it’s definitely a product that’s worth try.

Personally I do not have any blackheads but I do have extremely bumpy nose which is quite annoying but also normal so I decided to try this out.

And here comes the picture of me trying it for the first time,

And of course I conveniently forgot to click a picture after it dried.


The first time I was using it I thought I’ll need to apply a good thick layer for it to not tear mid-peel so I went in. Waited 30min for it to dry and peeled it, it wasn’t painful at all and I couldn’t see any results. I tried it another two times with thin layer waited until it dried and still saw not much of a great difference. I was completely ready to throw this out when I suddenly decided to give it a final try this time only putting on a very thin layer and waited until it was super super super stiff and then did IT.(peeled)

And I was amazed! It didn’t hurt but my nose was softer than my faceuu(intentional). It felt just like I had a facial at salon ! It felt amazing and ever since I have been hooked!

I was so excited to try this guy. It did take me a couple of trials to perfect the results so if you think your hell pore black head isn’t working your probably doing it wrong. P.S: Apply an extremely thin layer enough to peel and wait longer than 30mins. Price: $21.50

Buy it right now for $10 here >>

Pore Clean up at 49% off: 

Ratings: 5/5


Definitely  something to try if blackheads are one of your main concerns since its super effective and super fun at the same time to look at the results(yes am weird).

The last two products I got are from Etude house and We all know Etude house literally slays the packaging game.

They recently re-packaged their super popular Dear Darling Water gel Tints. And this is how they come packaged now !

YESS! They come packaged in these lil popsicle packaging with a absolutely cute uni-carton that is just hard to throw away



It’s absolutely cute and very well done. I have been using it pretty much very often and the product font hasn’t come off yet !





It has a  tapered applicator that applies the product more on the inner part of the lips than the outer corner creating a very easy gradient. Its a gel tint, hence on Intial application it has a glossy feel but once it settles down it tints the lips a very nice pink ! If you’ve ever wanted to try one of those korean pink lip tints this is the one to go this ones 🍑 Peach Red 🍑 or PK005. The product also has a sweet yet bitter taste to it.

I absolutely love how it has super nice glossy and blurry look when applied initially.

It also doesn’t dry out your lips due to the Gel technology unlike most lip tints !

Ratings: 5/5

The applicator is a plus for easy gradient!

Price: $5.61

It’s a nice price range considering the packaging 😭😍

Check out the entire collection here >> Dear Darling water tint


And if you thought that was cute wait until you see this.

This is the super cute and super popular Sleeping mask by Etude house. It’s so cute that I don’t want to finish it.

The packaging is so well done that it could actually pass off ass a Green-tea flavoured bubble tea from a bougie cafe.

The sleeping mask comes in three variants.

  • Green tea 🍵
  • Black tea ☕️
  • Strawberry tea 🍓

I was so tempted to get the black tea variant for the packaging but I controlled myself and got the green tea because it is formulated acne prone Skin.

It’s a beautiful glass packaging that comes to well put together that I cannot appreciate it enough.

I love how etude house keeps us feeling like princess we are !

It has a tall spatula that comes hooked on to it on a tiny protruding thing on the lid that you latch the spatula on to.

The actual product is a gel like pudding that is actually pretty close to aloe-gel but not as watery as it. The product has these tiny moisture balls deposited at the bottom that you are supposed to mix in along with the gel for extra moisture you could mix in one or two depending on the moisture you need.

I find it super rich for my skin since it gave me texture after three days of continuous use if I mix in the balls. So what I personally like to do it apply the gel all over my face and the crush a gel ball and apply it onto my forehead and drier areas.

It has a pretty fresh smell and texture and also helps shrink any fresh pimples. And also also leaves the skin super super smooth. I have been using this for a couple of months alternatively with my other night creams and I still have more than half left since a little goes a long way.

Ratings: 7/5 +1 for packaging +1 for shrinking fresh pimples. Price: $13.36

Get it at 26% off now !

I almost forget to include this cute sample pouch.

It’s a super cute transparent grainy pouch that had my receipt and samples and still holds my receipts and sampless.

Here’s all the sample I got out of which I have tried the aloe propolis gel by benton which am interested once I finish my hydrating products, then the panda cream for my neck because lord the tone difference is tragic. Its a ok cream does what it’s supposed to.

And the full size anti aging mask ! Was a nice on left me looking super smooth.

That’s all for today, I’d like to thank StyleKorean for letting me choose these amazing products and sending them to me.

You can take a look at there running offers here. >>>>Upto 99% off Let me know what you think was the cutesttt !

Thanks for sticking around✨

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