Two k-beauty must Tries for Oily & Acne prone skin !

Hi Guys !

It’s been a while, I have been trying to squeeze everything into schedule as much as possible and trying to work things out with my University Exams starting soon ! I just cannot express the stress right now but let’s cut it out because I have been wanting to post about these two fantastic miraculous products by Leegeehaam that have helped my oil spill of a skin in the last few weeks !

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Skincare basics :The five steps you must know and follow !

Hi Guy’s ! 

I hope you guys are doing great ! Right now am at my native place probably doing something or maybe nothing at all am a huge procrastinator and I can never stick upto just doing something but it’s different when it come’s to my blog though ! I have scheduled posts see..😝

Before I left I thought a lot for post ideas,interesting,helpful one’s.Then this came to me ! I thought I should, NO must put this up soon ! We are all familiar with the 3 basic skincare steps.

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Travel Tips for makeup  and skincare lovers !


it’s me 😉 right now am in Kerala,India.

 Here’s a small update if you’d like to know. So it’s been 4 day’s since we came here and we have ceremony that will be conducted on account of my Grandfather’s death that happened a year ago..So before the ceremony we had a little time so we went to a Sri Krishna temple here which is very famous called,Guruvayoor. We went to my papas site. Also I have been realising a lot of things it’s been quite an emotional ride ….

Anyways let’s not go further into it,

If you love travelling and if you can’t stay away from your skincare & makeup essentials these tips might come in handy for you !

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Tips to tackle frizz ! 

Hello ! 

How have you guy’s been ? It’s raining cats and dogs here in Mumbai ! And to be honest am loving it 😬. How’s the weather there ?  Also am diving into more topics apart from skincare and makeup so I thought I’ll start with something am dealing with right now ! 

Well it has happened to all of us..

You wear your favourite dress, get your face beat for the make gods  (pun intended)style your hair and as soon as you step out of your house poof ✨ Congratulations you are officially the frizz ball of the day ! 

One of the main reason for frizzy hair is Moisture, when your hair is dry  the cuticles tend to open up causing outside moisture to enter into the hair shafts this causes frizz ! If your hair naturally has Moisture in it the shafts stay closed and your hair won’t get frizzy. 

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